“Now, this is Digital Capture!”


Come visit my photo website or hang out with me on Facebook.  I look forward to the the give and take that advances the craft of photographic imaging.  I have learned, as an “old dog”, that you can always learn something new and you will never know where it might be coming from. Our goal is to look, see and translate messages into visual poetry.

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PAST MENTORS:  From my beginnings, these photographers, as well as others, have shaped and inspired the way I create my images. Look them up and soak in their wisdom!

Pete Turner – the technical guru for impact with color and design

Dean Collins – technique, concepts and lighting

Ozzie Sweet – ideas and organization

Nancy Brown – people


Cameras:  Nikon,  Olympus

Lighting:  DynaLite, Plume Wafer, Chimera, Lowel

Gems:  Old Reflectasol umbrellas, blue FunTac, Lowel Tota-Clamps, Manfrotto MuliClips, Chimera Panel Frames