LST – Light, Shape and Texture

LST – Light, Shape and Texture

LST – Light, Shape and Texture.    Subject: Wooden Spoon in Metal Can 

As a part of my Film Project, I shot this still life with 35mm film and small continuous lights. I enjoy creating black and white images with dramatic  lighting, with subjects that create shape and texture  that mix with the film grain.  Put all these attributes together and the image should be attractive and pleasing.  

Behind the photo:

– The subject ( A ) is a retro metal container with the lid leaning and an old wooded spoon standing up.

– The set was a raised wood grain desk top covered with non glare plastic sheet   ( B ) for its reflective properties.  

– The background is a white poster board ( C ) lit with a 2 x 3-1/2 inch LED LumeCube Panel Mini light ( G ) from below the raised table surface.

– The key light is a 2 x 2 “ LumeCube V2.0 LED light ( F ).  Two vertical poster boards ( E ) create a slit for this key light to create a streak of light onto the subject with a Light Right* silver reflector ( D ) returns some light from the opposite side.  

This was shot with an Olympus OM4Ti on a tripod with a 85mm lens, HP5+ black & white film at ISO 200, processed in Rodinal developer 1:50 at 68 degrees for 10-1/2 minutes.  A Nikon D850 and its ES-2 attachment was used to scan the negatives.  Final adjustments to tone and contrast etc. was done in Lightroom.

This image is slated to go into Fine Arts America and possibly to someone’s wall!   Contact me if this image is of interest to you or if you wish to discuss technique.